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How Cloud Computing Can Save Your Start-Up – Microsoft Dynamics Tips

Another Microsoft Dynamics tips post from our community. Your small business could benefit in a number of ways by adopting cloud-based solutions. Here’s how!

Lose the hardware

Big, bulky hardware will only slow you down, be a pain to maintain and require a large cash layout early on in your businesses lifespan: a layout you may not really be able to afford.

1. Continued Cost

It’s true that the upfront costs are replaced with services charges as part of the Platform as a Service model. However, this cost may still be less than the maintenance and support contracts you require to get the most out of any hardware you buy.

2. Make your work flow more efficient

Online platforms can let everyone have an overview of everything your business is doing. This is particularly important to small businesses where one employee might be expected to get involved with several different processes.

3. Mobile and on any device

Working from a cloud lets you access your work from any device, anywhere. This is more important in some industries than others, but in a small business, where there are few people permanently in the office, this is a real benefit.

4. Importing and Exporting

If you need to import any information from new clients this is much easier via the cloud. Many commonly used applications have cloud-accessible or even native integration patches that make it much easier for data to be transferred from one system to another.

5. Configure and Copy

Many cloud based services are highly flexible and have an interactive community of developers. These communities produce extensions, add-ons and suites which can be downloaded by others, for their own businesses. Even better, often these are produced pro bono are free to download!

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