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What’s so exciting about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016?

The hotly anticipated Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is here, and it’s jam-packed with new functionality to help you and your growing business!

Here is a summary of the selected highlights of Dynamics CRM 2016:

New CRM App for Outlook

While writing an email, have you ever thought ‘I’d like a bit more information about who I’m writing to?’ Sure, you can switch over to your CRM and run a search on who you’re speaking to – but it’s an extra step!

CRM for Outlook solves this problem. Whenever you have an email open with a client, you’ll be able to see all their recent activity fed from your CRM. You’ll be able to see recent cases, recommended opportunities and activities, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions.

Powerful Surveying tools

Surveying your customers is now easier as Microsoft has integrated into CRM 2016. You’ll be able to build surveys to capture detailed qualitative and quantitative feedback, using radio buttons, text fields, smiley face satisfaction and other data capture techniques.

All the information collected can be put through workflows that let you know when your customers reply and the results presented in graphs or charts of your choice.

A focus on Mobile

With almost 50% of users accessing CRM from mobile, Microsoft have identified CRM Mobile as one of the key areas of growth. You can now work offline with CRM Mobile 2016. It’ll automatically sync your changes when you reconnect to your system, allowing you to take your work anywhere and not worry about losing your progress.

With the rise of mobile phone data breaches, mobile device security is a hot topic. By using Microsoft Intune, your CRM data can be secured by using PIN enforcement, Biometrics and Selective Wipe. Further, UX has been improved in the latest version of CRM Mobile: Controls such as sliders, buttons have been refreshed to improve mobile experience.

Generate Documents in just one click

Putting together documents you use the most has never been easier. Using Word and Excel integration, you’ll be able to put together things like account summaries, sales orders and contracts in a flash!

What’s more, you’ll be able to build templates using a simplified editor, which launches from distinct records with one click and be able to interrogate data exactly how you want. CRM 2016 puts the power back into your hands!

Improved Excel integration

Microsoft acknowledged that many users prefer to analyse data in Excel, a product they have supported for many years. With CRM 2016, you’ll be able to seamlessly interrogate data with Excel functions such as formulae, pivot tables and others. Excel templates can be created for any CRM entity – so this covers sales forecasting, lead scoring and case metrics. You can then sync this information with your CRM, making collaborating with your colleagues even easier.

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