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CRM 2015 Spring update 1: Are you using all the new features?

The spring update to CRM is full of great features, but are you even using them all properly? Here are three nifty additions to get to grips with.

Personalised Interface
You can now change the colours and branding of you user interface. Edits to the theme colours manifest themselves across the interface, including the banner colours, but in unexpected areas too.
You can also upload your company logo to the platform, which then appears in the top banner, replacing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM logo.

Microsoft Exchange Integration
Post-update, CRM now has folder-based tracking. This lets you track emails when using any of your devices. All you have to do is set up a folder in Exchange and link it to one of your CRM folders.
Then you can just drag any email you want to track into the folder, and it will appear in your devices CRM app.

Business Rules
You can now implement much more complicated strings of logic. This is true for two reasons. Firstly you can now use ‘if/then’ operations. This is obviously hugely helpful as you can set up complex hypothetical rules.
Secondly, you can now combine ‘and’ and ‘or’ operations in one string.

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