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Dynamics AX news: Microsoft is back in the manufacturing game

While Microsoft has been quietly carving out new markets for its Dynamics division in sectors like healthcare, education and the public sector, some in the Dynamics AX news community section suggested that they have neglected one of their core markets: manufacturing.

However, firing on all cylinders, Microsoft has recently claimed at its Hannover Fair 2015 that it is ready to take on manufacturing once more.

The emergence of the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

A key theme that ran through Microsoft’s Hannover conference was the IIoT. They demonstrated this through presentations of real world companies such as Fujitsu.

While many Microsoft keynotes appear – frankly – philosophical, rather than pragmatic, the Hannover conference talks demonstrated a shift towards a more practical approach.

Demonstrating a new approach to manufacturing

With Fujitsu, the main aim was to show that using Dynamics AX and the power of Azure, the company was able to transform its old semiconductor manufacturing operations into the new Akisai Plant Factory that integrates brand new, cutting-edge manufacturing tech with state-of-the-art IT and communications technology.

Windows tablets are used to track all processes through an AX-based dashboard, and this is enabling the company to produce better products, as well as to achieve a greater level of productivity.

Attention to detail…

As well as describing how Dynamics AX has impacted businesses at the surface level, Microsoft also went deeper into how AX has helped Fujitsu.

Fujitsu explained that using AX, the factory now has an area that is a dedicated clean room used to produce lettuce low in potassium for consumption by dialysis patients and those with chronic kidney diseases.

The presentation was the perfect example of Microsoft attempting to crack the manufacturing market, and with similar presentations on industrial businesses like ThyssenKrupp and Kuka Robotics, it’s clear that Microsoft will be doing more to push into this large, profitable sector.