Dynamics CRM and AX

Dynamics CRM and AX allow Rockwater Energy to shine

Rockwell Energy Solutions is a recently-formed company that focuses on delivering complete lifecycle solutions for oilfield water management. After the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and AX, their processes have seen a massive overhaul. Resultantly, they have reported significant improvements across their business.

New people, new processes

When Biren Kumar was appointed to the position of CIO, one of the main challenges he faced was a company seeing rapid growth and expansion, but all without the necessary systems in place to ensure that the growth could be managed correctly and efficiently.

Kumar decided that a complete overhaul of the company’s systems was in order. Microsoft Dynamics AX was the right enterprise resource planning solution (ERP) for the business.

A robust feature set

The right system needed to support Rockwater’s complex entity structure, allow for business analysis across region, location, and line of business. A system that could work with multiple currencies was also a must. The choice of AX was a simple one, according to Kumar. He claims that the system allows them “to be flexible and agile”. When expansion is rapid, this is obviously a significant selling point.

He continued, saying that AX has “robust manufacturing capabilities and is backed by partners that offer industry solutions”.

With added CRM

Along with Dynamics AX, Kumar implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM “because it added value”. Also, because the solution stack facilitated “seamless flow of information”, again, linking back to Rockwater’s requirement for a flexible, fluid system.

The results

Microsoft partner Edgewater Fullscope helped Rockwater to implement AX across the company. Since the restructuring, back-office efficiency has improved by 30% thanks to process centralisation and Microsoft Office 365.

The company also has a fleet of 1,000 trucks and 5,000 mobile assets. Through AX, CRM via PowerPivot, and Microsoft Azure integration, apps like ‘truck locator’ are helping the company to report more thoroughly on questions like “Where is a particular truck?”.

Rockwater is just one end user that has seen success transferring to the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem.

Bill Moffett, manufacturing industry senior product manager for Microsoft Dynamics said of the partnership of Rockwater and Edgewater Fullscope, the success is “what happens when you bring the power of the full Microsoft solution platform together with resources from our partner ecosystem that know really how to implement effectively.

He concludes, saying “it makes a fantastic success story across the board”.