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Dynamics NAV aiming at SMBs “all up and all down” the market

At a virtual town meeting hosted by NAVUG, Marko Perisic, Director of Program Management, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, gave his audience the Dynamics NAV news that Microsoft is not willing to narrow down their target audience when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Instead, Redmond is aiming directly at SMBs of all shapes and sizes, looking to dominate the entire market.

Dynamics NAV news to impress all

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, codenamed ‘Corfu’ by Microsoft, is set to launch this year with a range of new features.

The new additions to the platform and its enhanced GUI enable end users up and down the SMB scale to take advantage of NAV’s tools without running into technical difficulty – feeding into Microsoft’s ‘everywhere, anytime’ position.

Setting up for incremental improvement

Perisic said Microsoft needs to ensure that all SMBs are accounted for with its new release, stating:

“This market segment of SMBs is extremely varied. There are so many different layers, so many different requirements, so many different solutions,” he said.

With that in mind, NAV 2015 is being built for incremental upgrades. This means that the NAV development team will be able to respond to the feedback of the broad variety of SMBs by patching NAV to better suit their needs.

With that being the aim of the product, NAV 2015 needs to have as broad an audience as possible. Perisic summarises this:

“We’re not limiting ourselves and the product to a specific industry or vertical. If we want to win in SMB, we have to win all up and all down.”

This is part of Microsoft’s move to ‘agile’ development, enabling them to plan one year ahead, and readjust plans frequently depending on market need.

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