Dynamics NAV saves ‘Inefficient’ Greencap

Greencap is a risk management and compliance company based in offices across the world. With a rapidly growing team of over 400 professional, technical and engineering staff, the company is a global force to be reckoned with. Its history is as a collection of smaller risk management and compliance private companies, but recently they consolidated to become Greencap. Dynamics NAV saves ‘Inefficient’ Greencap.

A Disastrous Mishmash

One of the results of forming a business from the bones of old ones is that the systems are consolidated from those older businesses, resulting in a mishmash.

In the domain of finance, this can have disastrous consequences. Peter Mitchell, Group Commercial manager based out of Melbourne said it was a real challenge to get an areal view of the company’s multinational progress throughout the month:

“It is fair to say we probably were inefficient… You would start to see where your picture was but it was only at the end of the month.’’

A solution was required, and urgently…

Going through a period of mass expansion, Greencorp was providing risk management in every state, as well across Indonesia and Singapore with a rapidly growing team. This made keeping track of everybody extremely challenging.

So, the company turned to Microsoft Dynamics NAV – developed by Evolution Business Systems over a period of 14 months – to replace all existing systems.

The Result

By replacing their existing systems with NAV, Greencorp were able to get more efficient, more effective invoicing and financial forecasts. In addition, they could reduce their administrative costs and save between $200,000-250,000 a year.

Ultimately, Greencorp claim they’re a more streamlined organisation thanks to the power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. ‘I think we are more efficient’, Mr Mitchell claims.