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What Is FantasySalesTeam and Why Has Microsoft Bought It?

This month, Microsoft acquired FantasySalesTeam, the sales incentive app that is boosting Wireless Zone’s sales by up to 176%. So what is it? How soon will Microsoft Dynamics CRM users be able to use it? And will it still be supported on other platforms?


In a nutshell, FantasySalesTeam gamifies sales. It is branded as kind of fantasy football game, where sellers can be grouped into teams and earn points based on a variety of metrics from number of calls made, to percentage of quota completed. Winners then get prizes and other incentives.

Sales competitions are no new tactic, however FantasySalesTeam’s USP is that, unlike in traditional sales competitions, you can incentivise performance across a wide range of parameters, not just sales. This means that even salespeople who are feel they have little chance of winning the most sales are still incentivised to perform better.

By tracking a range of metrics, and offering prizes for them all, you can incentivize everyone, not just your hotshot sellers who probably need the least incentivizing. And by letting players pick teams of their own colleagues in a fantasy football system, everyone will encourage each other to perform well, since it means their own fantasy team will perform better.

Other platforms

In keeping with Microsoft’s new tack of support allowing alien apps on their devices, as well as making their own software more available on other stores and platforms, Microsoft plan to continue supporting FantasySalesTeam on other CRM platforms.

When can Dynamics users play?

Microsoft has promised integration with Dynamics CRM “in the coming months”.

Excitingly, they recognise what many readers may already be thinking: that sales aren’t the only thing that can be gamified to the benefit of a business. In their statement on the acquisition, Microsoft wrote:

“The potential of applying this feature beyond the sales scenario to other fields and areas within a business is exciting as well. We will evaluate these other scenarios closely as we integrate and evolve FantasySalesTeam into the Dynamics ecosystem.”

So it seems we can look forward to more gamification after this classic Microsoft acquisition of an exciting new business outfit.