Convergence 2015

The five Convergence 2015 sessions you need to see

Convergence 2015 is upon us, with a whole week of brainstorming, presentations, workshops and educational sessions that are set to enlighten Dynamics professionals with Microsoft and partners’ plans for their increasingly popular ERP and CRM technologies.

Whether you’re going to Convergence, or you’re simply trying to keep up with the news online, here are the five things you simply can’t miss.

  1. Satya Nadella: keynote speech – Monday 16h March, 13:30 GMT

Nadella has been CEO of Microsoft for just over a year now, and has increased the company’s focus on Microsoft Dynamics. This is all part of his move towards a cloud-first, mobile-first world in which users are free to access their services on whatever device, wherever they are. We’re expecting broad strokes from Nadella’s keynote, with reference to how Dynamics and Microsoft Dynamics professions are helping to make the cloud-first, mobile-first vision a reality.

  1. Kirill Tatarinov: keynote speech – Monday 16th March, 13:30 GMT

Vice president of Microsoft Business Solutions Group, Kirill is responsible for the Microsoft Dynamics business across development, sales, marketing and operations. In other words, he knows all there is to know about Microsoft Dynamics’ past, present and future. If there’s one person Microsoft Dynamics professionals should be looking out for, it’s Kirill Tatarinov at the Monday morning keynote.

  1. KEY 150002 – Digital detectives: Protecting data, commerce and privacy in the ace of cybercrime – Thursday 19th March, 9:30 GMT

With Microsoft’s focus on enabling users to use Dynamics services from anywhere on any device, online security is an issue that’s been pushed into the boardrooms at Microsoft and at businesses around the world.

Whether it’s customer privacy or brand identity, Microsoft knows that cyber security is an issue that can lose brands respect, and shareholders money. Microsoft’s David Finn, of the Digital Crimes Unit, will show how the corporation is committed to identifying and preventing cybercrime worldwide.

  1. Calling all developers: Microsoft Dynamics CRM tools today and tomorrow – Wednesday 18th March, 9:00 GMT

Matthew Barbour provides this illuminating session on everything you need to know about Microsoft Dynamics CRM, both now, and about the updates coming to the technology in the coming months. The talk is specifically aimed at presenting some of the more useful tools that developers can apply to CRM for the mobile workforce, and other CRM-based solutions to help developers meet the needs of their businesses.

  1. Public sector organisations: Challenges in this new digital age – Monday 16th March, 14:00 GMT

The public sector is undergoing a huge amount of change, and leaders are searching high and low for solutions to offer them greater local economic growth Microsoft is ready to deliver those solutions. Join Microsoft and see how they plan to offer cloud-first, mobile-first solutions to help public sector organisations across the world deliver greater efficiency.