Dynamics AX

Is 2016 Edition of Dynamics AX an ERP Generation Leap?

It might be subtle, but Microsoft’s next leap in Dynamics AX will not be called Dynamics AX 2016. Instead, the enterprise resource planning technology platform will leave the dates behind and become, quite simply, Dynamics AX.

We in the Microsoft Dynamics community might think that this is an exercise in simple rebranding, but that’s not the case. It’s a signifier for something greater, something – we’ll argue – is a transformative moment in ERP and is bound to make a splash in the Dynamics community. Dynamics AX jobs are about to change forever.

Simply put, the next release of Dynamics AX, which will now be available in Q1 2016, will be hosted in the cloud (and powered by Azure).


Transformed by the Cloud

As we’ve seen by Microsoft’s recent performances at Future Decoded in London and Convergence 15 in Barcelona, the corporation is seriously pushing the integration of its services through Azure and Machine Learning (via Cortana).

The same treatment looks to be coming to Microsoft’s ERP solutions starting with Dynamics AX next spring.

So what does this mean for Dynamics AX? It means that the platform is going to be premiered – for the first time ever – exclusively in the cloud – ahead of its on-premises version.


New Features in Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX’s cloud-powered transformation will bring with it a range of new features. The first thing to note will be its client overhaul, which will be fully powered by browser-based HTML. The client will also be fully extendable, so the API will be provided to developers to build their own mobile applications and customised features.

In addition, Dynamics AX will also feature a new “guided” user experience that looks more in-line with Office 365. Finally, Dynamics AX will be more closely integrated with Dynamics CRM, Office 365, Skype for Business, Azure, Machine Learning, and Power BI. That’s a lot of integration.


A Generation Leap, Really?

Microsoft’s chief technology officer (CTO) for Microsoft Business Solutions, Mike Ehrenberb has claimed that “the technology will be the most significant thing we’ve done in ERP in ten years.”

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