Microsoft Dynamics AX and manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics AX is ready to help manufacturers with their customer experience

One of the greatest trends in marketing is towards customisation and dynamic digital experiences. This movement has arguably been dragging in the manufacturing sector.

However, some organisations have begun to champion this methodology, and are seeing results thanks – in part – to their implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

A good example of these forward thinking companies is Tesla. There, a safety issue causes an automatic call to customer services so that technicians can get to work upgrading the firmware/software to ensure the customer can get back on the road as quickly and as safely as possible.

At CitizenM, guests can check in online, register their preferences – for example, lighting, mood and music tastes – before they even get to their rooms. Then, when they’re comfortable, they can use a tablet in their rooms to change these settings on the fly.

According to Luciano Cunha, VP Sales at To-Increase, manufacturing must blend with social applications and mobility in order to meet their customers’ needs.

Using Microsoft Dynamics AX, many manufacturing businesses are able to offer a flexible, user-centric experience. Dynamics AX, Cunha argues, is capable of bridging the gap between core operations and customer-centric interaction.

Therefore, Microsoft Dynamics AX manufacturing end-users should take this opportunity to engage with their customers in exciting new ways to deliver a more responsive, modern, and profitable future.