microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is helping the police become “outstanding”

The Durham Constabulary has worked with Microsoft Dynamics to equip their police officers with brand new technologies to aid with their investigations as well as reform their departments.

After turning to Microsoft Dynamics services, the Durham Constabulary has been awarded an “Outstanding” rating for their criminal investigations.

Using Microsoft Dynamics, the criminal investigations unit has developed the quality and usability of the information their receive for their investigations, helping the officers to solve crimes at a faster rate, and at lower overall cost, which is essential when policing budgets are under heavy scrutiny.

According to Microsoft:

“Microsoft Dynamics helps officers enter records more efficiently, track connections and solve cases using a simple, intuitive interface. It tracks records of engagements and actions, providing social insights and intelligence to investigators. Cases are being solved more quickly, even with fewer officers, thanks to this Crime and Intelligence management system.”

One of the things that the Durham police liked about Microsoft Dynamics – aside from its replacing of a number of old fractured systems – is that their Dynamics tools can easily dragged, dropped and manipulated. In other words, their usability.

Overall though, the most impressive and necessary improvement has been in the number of arrests. According to Durham assistant chief constable, Dave Orford, “more criminals are being captured, making the streets safer.”