Windows 10

Microsoft in Hot Water over Windows 10

The success or failure of Windows 10 will have a big affect on our Microsoft Dynamics community. But the bumpy birth of Windows 10 continued this week as Microsoft drew fresh criticism for automatically downloading its new operating system onto devices whose users have not actively sought it.

More Controversy

The Windows 10 launch has already been under fire, but not for the usual range of bugs that any new OS encounters. Rather, it is the way that Microsoft has handled the launch that has angered users.

It was only in August, for example, after 14 million people had already updated to Windows 10, that we learnt how features that many assumed would be free would in fact be paid content. Popular functions like Solitaire and DVD playback look set to be accessible via subscription and app purchase respectively.

Not U2, Windows!

Now, in a move sadly evocative of Apple’s automatic ‘gifting’ of U2’s Songs of Innocence, Microsoft have been caught automatically downloading the new operating system onto users devices even though they haven’t assented to installation.

The download happens in the background for Windows users who have automatic updates enabled. This feature is commonly understood to be for the quick updating of security updates and bug fixes, and so Microsoft taking the enabling of this feature to be equivalent to consent to download a 6GB operating system is where the crux of the criticism lies.

Thousands of users could not be in a situation where 6GB of the hard-drive is occupied by an update they have no intention to ever update to. Remember that as recent as March, Windows 7 was still the most popular Windows OS.

This is yet another bump on the road of Microsoft’s Windows 10 journey. Although this alone probably won’t be too damaging to the product’s popularity or Microsoft’s reputation, one has to wonder how many blunders are to follow.

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