Microsoft Office 365 video service

Office 365 is a perfect example of what Microsoft is trying to do across all of its platforms. Once a disk-bound suite of office software products, now Office is a subscription-based service, available to all, and hosted ‘in the cloud’. Now, Microsoft is about to enhance Office 365’s already rich service offering to include a new Office 365 video service.

An extension of SharePoint Online

Essentially, Office 365 Video will be rolled out as part of the already established SharePoint. The idea will be for users to upload videos within a group in their organisation, and then those videos will be pushed through to portal pages – all using a simple drop and drag system in the browser.

Transcoding: automatic and effective

Azure Media Services powers Office 365 Video. It shouldn’t be a surprise then to discover that when users upload videos using Office 365 Video, they’ll experience automatic file resizing so that the video is optimized for any viewing window, be it desktop monitor or smartphone.

It’s all part and parcel with Microsoft’s promise of ‘mobile-first’. Seems like they’re following through.

Testing, testing…

According to Microsoft, the earliest test community will get access to office 365 Video – ready for it? – in the next couple of days.

With commercial release set for – and we quote – “early 2015”, we expect testing phases to come and go pretty rapidly, so what do you think? Are you interested in testing the waters? Let us know!