Microsoft Slowly Opening up over Windows 10 Updates

After a string of damaging stories, including some intrusive data collection and downloading without consent, Microsoft are now trying to offer some conciliatory transparency by posting a page dedicated to what will be in Windows 10 updates.

The page, which you can access here, tells users what each update patch is going to contain and what problems it is going to fix. It isn’t known if users will be signposted to the page when deciding whether to update, so users could still be downloading updates ‘blind’.

The page also revealed that Windows 10 users are split into two groups, each using a different version of the new operating system. There is a ‘July’ and ‘November’ version of Microsoft’s latest operating system. While most people have been “moved automatically” to the later November version, many remain on the July version.

The latest Windows 10 update will include a fix to Microsoft’s new Groove Music application. This month in a typical show of liquid cash clout, Microsoft bought Groove Music – a music/workout app – presumably just to be able to use its name.

It is believed Microsoft wanted to change the name of the Xbox Music streaming service because, in light of it not being an Xbox-only service, it just made no sense.