Convergence 2015

The Three Most Important Talks at Convergence 2015

It’s that time of year again. We’re counting down to one of Microsoft’s big conferences. Convergence is always used to make major Microsoft announcements, and this year looks to be no different.

If you want be first to hear this year’s big breaking news, Conspicuous will be covering the event from sunny Barcelona and you can keep up to date on their website!

You can also live stream the event via Microsoft’s website. But how will you know who to watch? Luckily, this guide of Convergence’s keynote presentations will ensure you find the talk that will interest you the most, so you get all the juiciest news straight from the horse’s mouth.

Monday: Revolution through Integration

On Monday, tune in from 3.30pm to catch 90 minutes of discussion on one of the most exciting topics in technology today: digital integration.

In the last 15 years, we’ve created so much new technology – 3D printing, cloud services, 4G data. These are the building blocks of the future. Now that we have these building blocks, Monday is a chance to hear four world industry experts discuss the world-changing structures that can be built up to the benefit of Microsoft customers. Join Microsoft International President Jean-Philippe Courtois for what looks set to be an enlightening discussion.

Tuesday: Creating the Future with the Cloud

Unlike other tech conferences, Convergence isn’t a mere talking shop. Business people can pick up some serious strategic information here. In between the event’s many ‘breakout sessions’ (aka networking events and workshops), anyone looking for a fresh angle on how best to organise their company’s infrastructure would do well to catch Tuesday’s keynote.

We’ll hear from Scott Guthrie, an Executive VP with Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise Group, as well as Rafael de los Santos, New Media Director at Real Madrid C.F. and Metro Bank CCO Paul Riseborough talk about the business opportunities the cloud offers.

Wednesday: An Inside Perspective

Big tech implementations always sound bold and exciting… until it comes to working out how the heck you’re going to implement them to a business that’s very set in its ways.

This clever keynote presentation will try and bridge that gap by showcasing companies in various stages of their own digital transformations. Companies presenting include hoteliers Jumeirah Group and IT company Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH.


Remember! Conspicuous will be covering the event live from Barcelona so keep an eye on their twitter and blog feeds for concise updates on all the biggest news!