Bob Stutz

VP Bob Stutz Quits Microsoft, Joins Rivals Next Day

Microsoft’s Corporate VP Bob Stutz stepped down from his role, Monday, leaving the tech giant.

This news follows Microsoft’s booting of Microsoft Business Solutions leader, Kirill Tatarinov in the summer, and former Nokia head Stephen Elop, who apparently wasn’t satisfied working under Microsoft’s lead.

Clearly, it has been a big year of change for Microsoft’s Dynamics team. But the story gets even more interesting.

When Stutz stepped down, he tweeted this statement:


The implication was that he was stepping down to take some time off. Some scandal, then, that a mere 24 hours later it was being reported that he is now to join Microsoft Dynamics’ biggest rivals, SalesForce as Chief Analytics Officer.

The scandal intensifies as we remember Microsoft’s failed attempt to buy SalesForce for $70bn in August. Perhaps Stutz learnt this kind of sneaky behaviour while working as an army intelligence specialist?

The story looks set to run, as Jujhar Singh steps into Stutz role as Leader of Microsoft Dynamics’s CRM team just as Microsoft are about to launch Dynamics CRM 2016.