Windows 10 Is Spying on You Right Now

The Windows 10 launch campaign, in desperate need of good news after some serious gaffes, decided to release some numbers which shone positively on the upgrade crusade.

Positive Numbers? Positively Creepy Numbers

On 4th January, a blog post started off in ordinary fashion: updating the world on how many people were now using Microsoft’s flagship new product, Windows 10.

They started off with the usual mundane facts:

  • Windows 10 uptake rate 400% higher than Windows 8. Nice one.
  • 200 million devices active monthly around the world. Pretty good.

But then:

  • 82 billion photos viewed in photo app – wait what?
  • 5bn Cortana questions asked – that’s a bit weird?
  • 5 billion hours spent on Widows Edge (the Internet Explorer replacement) – OK now that is just creepy!

How the Media Has Reacted

BetaNews tried to get to the bottom of things in this article, describing what happened when they asked Microsoft for an explanation. But there was no answer. “Is this just another example of what we have come to expect from Microsoft?” asked Mark Wilson, damningly.

Elsewhere Forbes wrote a very critical article. But it has been public knowledge for half a year that Windows 10 is collecting data – the cat slipped the bag in the user agreement all users sign up to before downloading the new operating system. As early as July last year, BGR warned of Windows 10 spying, even showing us how to opt out of the data collection system.

It’s another cock-up from Microsoft’s PR team, but if this whole, protracted list of gaffes has taught us anything, it’s that if the product is good enough (and the brand is big enough), it can withstand quite a few bumps along the way.

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