Are you up on Microsoft’s new Dynamics CRM and ERP releases?

At last, Microsoft has just released its planned updates for its Dynamics CRM and ERP software and services. With a number of majour updates to Microsoft’s solutions for customer service, sales automation, marketing management, and ERP, there’s plenty to get stuck into. Here’s what’s going on with Microsoft’s new Dynamics CRM and ERP releases?

Destroying barriers

Perhaps the main philosophy driving the changes in CRM 2015 and ERP is one of knocking down walls between a business’s sales and marketing departments to help create a more bespoke customer experience in Microsoft’s new Dynamics CRM and ERP releases.

Cloud First, Mobile First

Just like the updates to other Microsoft products such as Office 365, CRM 2015 and the updates to ERP have been designed from the ground up to be cloud first, mobile first, enabling use on smart phones, tablets and computers, all of the time.

Cortana Implementation

Microsoft is also pushing its natural language technology – Cortana – into the updates, enabling her to act like a digital assistant, organizing a customer’s emails, notes and messages, responding to your text and voice prompts, and generally helping to make your life easier.

A vote of confidence for Microsoft’s new Dynamics CRM and ERP releases

Microsoft thinks that you – just like their other 6,000,000 worldwide Dynamics users – will love the changes they’ve made to CRM and ERP for 2015, so they’re giving everybody a 30 day free trial to test it out. We recommend you take a look.