Dynamics CRM 2015 roadmap

New Dynamics CRM 2015 roadmap: A galactic journey

“Spica”, “Ara”, “Electra” – no, these aren’t Gods or far off planets. These are just a few of the codenames given to the latest string of CRM, social and marketing updates announced at this year’s Convergence conference.

Microsoft has previously mentioned the latest CRM roadmap, spanning its three key areas – social, marketing and, customer service software, Parature. However, a new slide reveals more updates to take Microsoft Dynamics to the stars.

As reported by ZDNet, a blog post from Jukka Niiranen, a consultant with Digital Illustrated in Finland, included the slide above which lists the coming set of deliverables. In many ways, the new roadmap looks like galaxy – no doubt building the excitement for Dynamics CRM, social and marketing Partners, developers and end-users.

Microsoft Dynamics ambitions

The new announcements suggest that Microsoft’s ambitions for its CRM platform are both changing and growing year on year, as their new list of updates has been amended since last year. In 2014, they announced the delivery of the following updates in the second quarter of calendar 2015:

• Dynamics CRM “Carina”
• Social Listening “Corvus”
• Dynamics Marketing “Spica”
• Parature “Taurus”

The updated roadmap now lists the following set of deliverables for Q2 2015:

• Dynamics CRM “Carina”
• Social Listening “Hydra”
• Dynamics Marketing “Spica”
• Parature “Atria”

Social Listening “Corvus” is now listed as a Q4 2015 deliverable. Also due in the fourth quarter of this calendar year is another version of Dynamics CRM, codenamed “Ara”; Dynamics Marketing “Capella”; and Parature “Hercules.”

There’s more information at ZDNet.

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