Worldwide Partner Conference

Spoilers from the Worldwide Partner Conference

If you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the Microsoft Dynamics industry, you’ll know that this week is the Worldwide Partner Conference. With over 26,000 community members already listed on the official mspartner site, the WPC is a big deal in the Dynamics calendar. Here are some of the key announcements from the conference so far.

Harnessing Cortana data

Cortana has been fully integrated into Windows Phones and Surface, and launches as a central part of Windows 10 later this month. Now, Microsoft has launched the Cortana Analytics Suite to help business transform data into intelligent action through a fully managed, insightful and comprehensive suite of services.

Implementing Microsoft HoloLens

Holographic computing is on the verge of revolutionising the way we interact with the world – both real and digital. HoloLens will launch on Windows 10, and Satya Nadella was on the stage to demonstrate its potential application through partner, Autodesk. The design specialist is aiming to transform the way that design professionals create, communicate, visualise and work. Ambitious, but a worthwhile vision.

Reinventing productivity with Project Gigjam

In the current business landscape, business decision makers have at their disposal a wide variety of software-as-a-service and general business aps that help track crucial developments. Microsoft has helped to streamline the process by pulling data from all of these apps into one handy place – GigJam – that will even divvy up the tasks and create actions.

This is just a snippet of the news emerging from the conference, and we’re confident that there’ll be a whole lot of news coming out of the show in the next couple of days. How do you think the conference is going? Leave a comment and let us know.