Trek Bicycle Corporation on board with Power BI

Long-time Microsoft technology user, and bicycle manufacturer Trek Bicycle Corporation has made the jump to Power BI, and claim it has been “a game changer”.

Trek Bicycle Corporation has been using Microsoft technology for years. From Office 365, to SharePoint, Azure, Yammer and Dynamics CRM, TBC takes advantage of it all.

Leveraging the power of cloud, the world-leading bicycle manufacturer knows the value of implementing the suite of Microsoft technologies. Now, the company has brought analytics tool Power BI into the fold, and is seeing extremely positive results.

A clear vantage point

The first thing the technology was applied to was TBC’s helpdesk – where employees go to or call to resolve any technology issues they may have. Enterprise Manager David Peterson has said that implementing Power Bi has “given us better insight than we’ve ever had before. We absolutely love it”. High praise.

TBC uses the Power BI Workbook regularly to manage the Helpdesk activity and flow of requests. The powerful data visualization tools in Power BI allow David to see how many tickets are being generated, and how long the tickets are open for.

Efficiency in action

David recounted a time where the HR department was taking out tickets month after month for the same issue. Without Power BI, there would have been no way to discover how much time was being spent on this particular task or for how long.

With the tool in operation though, David was able to train up members of the HR team to deal with the issue, reducing pressure on the technical team, reducing their time on the problem from 12-16 hours per month to 0 hours.

Ultimately, Power BI is only part of the solution for TBC, and without Office 365 or the power of Azure, Power BI would be rendered useless. Thankfully, TBC invested completely in Microsoft.