Windows 10 launch imminent

In January, Microsoft is planned to hold a press event where it will announce new and exciting details for Windows 10. Although a consumer leak of the system has been purported to have leaked online, Microsoft has told the press to expect more details about specific features at the event on January 21st. The Windows 10 launch is coming.

Cortana Ready

One of the big pieces of news that Microsoft is expected to talk about is the inclusion and implementation of Cortana. Cortana will be all-pervasive in Windows 10, and ill be embedded seamlessly into its search functionality.

Cortana will allow for more natural ways of interfacing with the computer, making responding to voice and text easy. The new version of Cortana will also be integrated with notebook, reminders and interests, too. The new platform will also come with one version of the store across mobile, tablet and computers, making it easy to develop applications for all.

New integrated apps

Microsoft will also be adding a new Xbox app to Windows 10 to create one unified social ecosystem including friends lists and activity feeds. It might also be adding SmartGlass technology to the operating system post-release, but that’s not certain, yet. On top of that, Microsoft is also tweaking the design of Windows in 10 to move towards removing the traditional Control Panel.

How will this and other chances sit with end users? We’ll have to wait for the system’s full release mid 2015, but until then, look forward to the 21st, where we’re sure to learn a lot more.