Leveraging analytics

How to Spice Things Up & Make Leveraging Analytics More Fun

Leveraging analytics isn’t always a walk in the park: you need the very special ability to filter through the sea of data and find what matters most. But even then, compiling data can take time. Sometimes it can take days to pull together or input the information you need. And everyone needs different data all the time! Your Executives need the big picture. Your CFO needs to be able to report up, and manage down. Your Finance Manager needs the best reporting and operational analysis they can get. And your stakeholders? They always need to know what’s going on.

But while it might sometimes seem like it slows you down, analytics are the future of your organization. And that’s every organization: Nonprofit, Public Sector, and Education alike. To ensure that your school board continues to receive its comfortable budget, you have to give the Ministry of Education accurate reports. When you’re approaching a submission deadline for a generous government grant, you need quick, updated financial analysis. Determining the future of your community living organization’s program offerings? You guessed it: you need analytics to make the best decision.

So you know that financial analysis is important. You also know it can take up a lot of time. But did you know that it can also be fun?

  1. Mobile Freedom: With mobile-friendly analytics, you can perform analysis at home or on the go. By allowing users to have access to their data outside of the office and on other devices, you’re always stay on top of your info. That means fewer hours tied to a desk and less time between check ins!
  2. Make it Personal: The best way to have anything is YOUR way. That includes your analytics. To simplify your analytics, find a way to personalize the process. That way, your users can have it just the way they like it—and, with control over who sees what, just the way you like it (uh huh, uh huh).
  3. A Friendly (User Inter-) Face: When given an intuitive user interface, you take away the frustrations of a learning curve. Find a tool that your users are comfortable with, and that fits with the programs you use every day. Dealing with the hassle of inter-software complications isn’t something anyone likes!
  4. Take the power back! It’s more fun being in charge, right? In some scenarios, reporting and analysis can take up the whole day. Maybe even multiple days. Compiling data, processing it… Make sure you run your system, not the other way around. Your software should never put you on hold. There’s something out there that’ll work better for you.
  5. Visualizations: In-depth graphics are always more fun than plain old numbers. By using a system with charting and graphing capabilities, you can easily analyze trends while having a simple way of showing off your financials to stakeholders.

Did you check all of these off? If so, congratulations! You’re probably already having a lot more fun than some of your peers. Otherwise, we suggest taking a look at how your processes might be affecting the morale of your team. It can be easy to see software as “just that program you use”, but it should always be working for you. And, really, you should make sure you love the experience.

After all, that’s the best way to make anything more fun.

Leveraging analytics