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Microsoft Dynamics recruitment: There is no skills shortage

Contributed by Scott Morgan of Cordant Dynamic. Contact to get your posts published.

With a plethora of recruitment companies all claiming to be experts in Microsoft Dynamics recruitment, it is paramount for companies to understand that the methods the majority of recruiters use might be are new and revolutionary, but totally incompetent – they are not fit for purpose.

We often hear that Microsoft Dynamics professionals are in short supply and that the salaries and contract rates are being artificially inflated to cope with the demand. There is no truth in this at all. The salaries and contract rates are being inflated by the people who are tasked with finding these people: the recruiters themselves.

Bold statements…

Bold statements indeed but I will explain why. Most modern recruiters rely on job boards and databases to find candidates; beyond that they are truly lost due to a lack of skill in identifying and attracting talented Microsoft Dynamics professionals.

They work with candidates (the 70% of the market that can be classed as the three Us – unhappy, unsuccessful and unemployed people). This, in fact, is just 50% of the market. The skilled recruiter is the one who spends time identifying, speaking to and attracting the other 50% of the market that modern recruiters overlook because they have to headhunt them as opposed have them drop from a CV search or a job advert.

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The available talent is also thrown around the market to everyone creating a lot of wasted time for businesses and Dutch auction situations for the good candidates, again driving up the perceived market value of the Microsoft Dynamics professionals. Companies end up taking on under-qualified and overpaid candidates, as that is all they believe to be in the market.

That is a huge untapped talent pool of candidates to draw upon but it doesn’t stop there; everyone assumes that all candidates are on LinkedIn; they aren’t, about 50% might be, what about cross skilling people with similar skills from SAP or Oracle? Identifying European candidates or attracting new talent into the industry direct from the universities as well?

When you weigh everything up the potential candidate pool of Microsoft Dynamics professionals available that are not targeted by recruiters is around 80% – 90% of the overall market, which is a staggering statistic. They are also likely to be paid a lot less and better skilled compared to the candidates that mainstream recruiters throw around the market.

What this means is that if you want to find, attract and keep the very best Microsoft Dynamics professionals, you need to engage with an “Old School” recruitment company. Like any market the most successful companies are the 5% of the market that understands businesses, work for their clients and delivers tangible results. That may be why Cordant is now bigger than Aston Martin, is trusted by 75 FTSE businesses and delivers incredible resourcing solutions through a network of 160 UK offices.

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