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NAV news: The New Mobile Office – How NAV 2015 is empowering small & mid-sized businesses

Not your average NAV news, this. Scene one: A Sales Executive is in a restaurant sat opposite his partner and as he casually glances at his mobile, he’s aware of a scowl from across the table. Not wishing to spoil the moment he swiftly put his mobile away. We’ve probably all been in similar situations, in the age of mobile technology we are intrinsically tied to streams of information via texts, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc in our home and business life.

Now picture the same Executive a cross the table from a client who’s enquired on stock availability and best-pricing on product the client may wish to purchase. With dynamic information available on a mobile phone or tablet device the Executive can provide the information there and then, without delay. The client is now tied into the same intrinsic stream of information, but crucially could now be better tied into a closer working relationship with the Executive, his company and their products.

Setting the scene

Scene two: A company CEO is chairing a Board meeting with his fellow Board members in a swanky hotel. Questions have been raised about the company’s high level of inventory holding. His colleagues busily plough through spreadsheets and print outs over the next hour. A resolution can’t be made as all the data is outdated and ‘drill down’ to underlying detail is impossible.

Now imagine the same Board meeting with each member having direct and dynamic access to their company’s ERP system. Not only is information available real-time, but drill down to underlying data is visible to all during the discussions. Decisions upon slow moving and redundant stock are made, improving the company’s stock position and bottom line.

How about this for a Dynamics NAV opinion?

OK, the above example scenarios were obviously fictitious, but depict how the use of mobile devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, iPads, laptops, etc, can drive business decisions, improve customer relations, etc. Other business areas where mobile technology can be deployed to drive business growth include; warehouse operatives, consultants completing project timesheets and expenses, production managers on the shop floor, purchasing staff at suppliers’ sites, staff working remotely, etc.

The full, rich ERP functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 is now available on a plethora of mobile devices giving small and mid-sized customers access to their company data and processes anytime, anywhere. NAV 2015 includes new capabilities like electronic payments and automated account reconciliation as well as personalised home pages. What’s more, it’s optimised to deploy in the cloud on Microsoft Azure and Office 365 and you can download the app from Windows Store, Apple Store or Google Play.

For information on how Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 can leverage the benefits of mobile technology within your business and drive its future growth, call Martyn Kemp at Advantage on 0203 004 4600 or email martyn.kemp@advantage.co.uk.