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The ERP Fitness Guide –helpful tips for a healthier business

You’ve probably heard the phrase, my body is a temple. We’d like to suggest that it’s actually more like a business.

A healthy lifestyle makes for a healthy body, and the same can be said for businesses. Unfortunately, far too many are clogging their processes up with the data equivalent of fast food! In the same way that making a few changes to your eating and exercise habits can streamline your figure and improve your health, we’re suggesting that a few adjustments to your ERP solution can streamline your processes and improve efficiency.

So here are three helpful tips on how you can improve the fitness of your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system and become a healthier, more agile business.

Flex your ERP muscles

An inefficient business management solution can hold you back, especially when you’re carrying a lot of excess data weight. The best way to reduce the amount of duplicate, unnecessary and irrelevant information you hold in your system is to use the right tools for the job and seek out an ERP system, like Microsoft Dynamics NAV, with specific functionality for your industry.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Doing things faster won’t always give you the best results. Making slight changes to certain tasks could help to improve performance, having a positive effect on productivity. By stretching some parts of the business and relaxing others, you can streamline processes and get a better understanding of the areas that are working most effectively and where improvements can be made. This will allow you to make business decisions that optimise efficiency and ultimately grow the business.

Our tip – use your ERP system like a personal trainer to build on your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

Cut out the unnecessary extras

Many businesses have already recognised that their accounting system is overloaded with information and have taken action by investing in new software to sit alongside their accounts package. Unfortunately, this simply adds to the problem by creating bigger workarounds and gaining even more data, adding to the weight that the system has to support.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Investing in an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics NAV will bring all departments and information together, restructuring processes and trimming out the unwanted add-ons that are holding you back.

Inefficient reporting can also result in an excess of stock. Tighter control over procurement, manufacturing and fulfilment will help you to understand your inventory levels and help to reduce the amount of stock you hold.

Our tip – a light salad isn’t doing any good if you cover it with full-fat salad dressing, so don’t overload your business with irrelevant software or unwanted stock.

Slow, sluggish and slothful

Microsoft Dynamics ERPIf your reports and processes seem to be taking more time and effort than they did previously, your system is not only likely to be dealing with too much data but also being accessed by too many users.

By assessing the amount of relevant users and reducing the number of people who use the system, you can improve efficiency and minimise the repetition of data being entered by different people.

It’s also important to get out and stretch those legs. Some small business accounting software will limit your mobility to a swift jog across the office. Modern ERP solutions like Microsoft Dynamics NAV offer remote working, allowing you to access and manage data wherever you are via smartphones and tablet devices.

Our tip – transform your business from a sloth into a sprinter by optimising the headcount of your users and giving everyone remote access to data, wherever they are.

If you’ve recognised that the limits of your software are affecting the health of your business, take action now. With a robust fitness regime that focuses on strengthening your most effective processes and a well-balanced diet of relevant data, your business can become healthier, stronger and ready to grow. Everything that the right ERP solution can offer.

Written by Mark Blackmore, Head of Telemarketing at ERP Central, part of the QBS Group.