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Top 5 reasons to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP2015

In October 2015, Microsoft Dynamics GP2010 will be moved from Mainstream to Extended support, effectively meaning that Microsoft will only provide essential security updates and no more service packs or hot fixes.

Whilst we’re big fans of “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”, there are some compelling reasons to keep moving your software forward and upgrading to latest version.

  1. On-going Support – simple as that really. If you don’t remain current then your software author is likely to withdraw product support and we all like to know that if we have a problem help is just a phone call away.
  1. Regulatory considerations: With the proliferation of data, its security as well as the reliability of computing systems is increasingly subject to regulatory scrutiny. Not having adequate support and maintenance measures in place creates a significant security risk.
  1. Features & Functionality: The latest software versions always offer the newest range of features and functionality that won’t be available on your current release. In turn these offer you significant business advantages and productivity benefits: The ability to email invoices and remittances reduces stationery costs and postage, and saves people time.
  1. Little but often: Upgrades involve time, money and effort and the greater the gap from one version to the next increases the likely downtime, risk and cost. Striking the right balance between the frequency of upgrades and its benefits against possible disruptions to your business, isn’t straight forward. There isn’t a hard and fast rule for this but it is best not to leave it too long.
  1. Plugging into everything else: New hardware, new Server software, new database, the list goes on. Stay current as the chances are your new hardware won’t run your old software.

If you’re unsure about whether you need to upgrade or not, why not contact Advantage by calling 020 3004 4600 or emailing We’re happy to offer advice and will provide a free system audit to let you know the work involved in upgrading.