4 Ways Dynamics AX 2012 will save your HR department

Does your organisation want to deliver amazing customer experiences and engage with customers on their terms? HR is a perennial struggle at many businesses, but thankfully, Microsoft has added several valuable new capabilities to its Human Capital Management (HCM) solution. Here are 4 of the best ways Dynamics AX 2012 will save your HR department:

1. Questions and answers

Most HR departments and businesses have a thousand and one questions relating to their businesses at all times. Do you know your total headcount? Turnover percentages for the month, year, or quarter? Now, in the new version of Dynamics AX 2012, tools like Microsoft Excel, SQL Server Analysis Services, Power View or others will help you to deliver custom reports based on the data in the HR and Payroll analysis cubes. The more you learn about your data, the more questions you’ll be able to answer.

2. Visualise the data

If you want data visualisation, Power View is your best bet. You can access the same measures and dimensions as you would by using Microsoft Excel or SQL Server Analysis Services. But then you can go a step further and quickly visualise raw data, organise it, and then create charts. Once they’re made, save them in your library, which you can access in a list format or place any chart from the library into any Role Center.

3. Always feel supported

When it comes to budgeting, regulatory reporting, taxes, benefits, and personnel actions, it’s vital to feel supported. Thanks to new reporting and analytics capabilities, HCM has the following features:

• Enable position control with enhancements to position budgeting and integration to budget planning.
• Streamline U.S. regulatory reporting with new preparation reports including, EEO-4, EEO-5, VETS100, 940, 941, Unemployment, OSHA300, OSHA300A, OSHA301, and New Hire reporting.
• Streamline benefit updates with mass benefit expiration and mass benefit updates for benefit enrolments.
• Simplify U.S. tax setup with mass updates of employee taxes.
• Gain more control over hires, terminations, and transfers and promotions by using employee-based personnel actions and workflow.

4. Everything, all the time

HR is a difficult business with lots of moving parts, and Human Capital Management is specifically built to make HR easy. Even better, HCM is just one little part of Dynamics AX R2, and all the Microsoft tools you already use like Microsoft Office and SharePoint will 100% integrate with HCM.

If the new HCM capabilities in CU7 sound interesting to you, take a look at CustomerSource or PartnerSource.