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Dynamics GP Tips and Tricks 2016

Here are the latest tips and tricks to make working with Dynamics GP that little bit easier.

  1. How to Correct Erroneous Accounts Info

We’ve all been there – you realise you’ve made a mistake only after you’ve entered the payment info. But don’t worry: you can edit accounts payable and accounts receivable info after you post them:

  • Transactions>Sales or Purchasing>Edit Trx Information
  • Select Due Date, Discount Date, Purchase Order Number or Description
  • Edit as required
  • Save data
  1. How to Hold a Process on a Document

Placing a process hold on a document lets people know that the document is to be frozen within the pipeline: if it’s meant to be posted, it’ll hold it up. If it’s mean to be printed, it’ll be shelved until you remove the hold.

  • Transactions>Sales>Sales Transaction Entry
  • Select document
  • Select holds
  • Assign the process hold to a document
  • Finish with ‘OK’
  1. How Create a Cash Receipt

Cash receipts give customers proof of payment when paid by GP systems. You can create them with an add-on called WilloWare which is also available via the GP Power Pack. You can even put your company logo on the receipt!

  1. How to Attach Documents in GP 2013 R2

This update made attaching documents a lot easier. Now you just have to set it up:

  • Tools>Setup>Company>Document Attachment Setup
  • Tick ‘Allow Document Attachments’
  • Select a default location of your attachments (i.e. a folder on your computer/server)

Now it’s set up, attach a document by:

  • Hit the attach button (the paperclip)
  • Press Attach
  • Select the appropriate document from the folder you set up
  1. 50 More Tips!

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