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Dynamics NAV tips: How to fix the ‘voiding a cheque error’

If you’ve been working in bank reconciliation, the Dynamics NAV tips community has a fix for your ‘voiding a cheque error’ issue. If your business has to process a large number of cheques on a daily basis, reconciling the bank balance against your book balance can be cumbersome. There is an issue in voiding of cheques if there is an open bank reconciliation worksheet.

Step 1: the first Dynamics NAV tip for the ‘void a cheque’ problem

In Cash Management go to Bank Account -> Check Ledger Entry, select the cheque -> Void Cheque. This is the error message you will receive.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.40.14

In other words, the cheque is not actually “Cleared” in the bank reconciliation line.

Dynamics NAV tips

In essence, the Dynamics NAV programme thinks that cheques that been brought into the bank reconciliation worksheet are cleared. Therefore, NAV ‘Locked’ the cheques and assigned the “Check Entry Applied” Status.

Step 2: Resolving the issue through one simple Dynamics NAV tip

While there are a number of ways to solve this issue, one of the best is to delete the cheque in the bank reconciliation line and then void the cheque. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Bank Reconciliation -> Actions -> Clear Lines
  2. Type in the cheque number in the “Document No” field
  3. Hit Ok – which will delete the cheque number you entered

Dynamics NAV tips

  1. Next make your way to the Check Ledger Entry – you should be able to void the cheque

Dynamics NAV tips