CRM 2015 wave

Riding the CRM 2015 wave

There are plenty of new updates coming in the next version of CRM. We’re excited to give you a preview of the 2015 wave of updates headed your way soon for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, and Microsoft Social Listening. Here are just a few of the ways you’ll be able to take advantage of Dynamics CRM 2015 – here comes the CRM 2015 wave.

1. Create product families to boost selling effectiveness
2. Take advantage of hierarchical views to see how info is related or grouped
3. Use role-tailored dashboards and personalized home pages on your tablet to stay productive when you’re on the go
4. Guide sellers toward desired outcomes with enhanced branching logic in business process flows
5. Personalize your user assistance by creating custom Help for your Dynamics CRM implementation
6. Strengthen your marketing and sales synergies with the new Sales Collaboration Panel which allows sellers to provide input into campaigns and targeting (Microsoft Dynamics Marketing)
7. Streamline campaign creation and improve segmentation with graphical email editing (Microsoft Dynamics Marketing)
8. Use Microsoft Social Listening to connect to news sources (in addition to existing sources: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and videos) and analyze sentiment in Italian – the CRM 2015 wave is multilingual!
Microsoft’s Get ready page also covers release timing and tells you how to prepare for and get updates. You’ll also find information on the Spring 2014 and Fall 2013 updates if you’re updating from earlier on-prem versions.

Hopefully now you know a lot more about what’s coming in the CRM 2015 wave, and you’ll be able to implement what you’ve learnt in a practical way. Check back often for new updates on the CRM 2015 wave as we get closer to the availability date.